What to Wear on a Job Interview? Interview Attire Tips using a Simple Mnemonic

A mnemonic device is one of the best ways to remember almost anything and it not only lasts longer in the human mind but also pops up spontaneously from the brain whenever the information is needed. FOODS is one such mnemonic example that can help job seekers to remember and recall the basics of business dress code during a job interview.

To be successful in job interviews, the job seeker should have two vital skills; good verbal communication and non verbal communication. Wearing appropriate business attire is one of the examples of the latter. For both men and women, FOODS mnemonic is a checklist that reminds what to wear on a job interview.

FOODS stand for

  • Fabric
  • Opinionated words and phrases
  • Old
  • Dye
  • Size

Choosing the Right Fabric is the Basics of Interview Attire

Cotton is the best fabric for both men and women while attending a job interview. It is not only soft on skin but also looks decent, neat and professional. From sales and marketing to IT, it suits almost all kinds of corporate sectors and businesses. Many job seekers prefer cotton rather than other fabrics such as silk, wool and polyester.

Interview Dress Code for Men and Women; Avoid Opinion Words, Phrases on the Attire

Knowingly or unknowingly, few interview candidates wear dress that has words and phrases printed on their shirt or t-shirt. Sometimes, this is considered as a distraction during the interview. Even slogans that are decent and inspiring, such as “I am Born to win” or “Team Work Works” should be avoided.

What to Wear on an Interview? New, not Old

Old can indicate anything at is outdated or aged. It could be an old dress that is faded, dull, washed out, pale or discolored or attire that is old fashioned. Choosing a dress that is common worn in the present society is ideal than wearing old-fashioned clothes. Big checked shirts or thickly striped trousers should be avoided too.

Men and Women Picks Right the Dye (color) of their Attire

On one hand, colors indicate mood or frame of mind. And, on the other hand, it grabs the attention of others. Colors such as grey, light blue or white are some appropriate colors, which are neutral as well as non-distracting, that could be worn during interviews.

Ideal Interview Attire? Right Size

Size of a dress can be seen in two aspects;

  1. Too big or too small
  2. Too tight or too loose

An appropriate dress code for a job interview is choosing the dress that is not too tight or too loose, or too closed or too revealing. The best way to decide the right size is to pick the clothes that are comfortable yet non-distinctive.

In an interview, a good dress code is the best way to create a good first impression and it is also one of the basic manners that is expected from the job seeker. FOODS mnemonic is an easy-to-recall mnemonic and takes only few seconds to memorize it but stays in the long term memory so that it can recalled at anytime

Source: Learning & Development Professional Group

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