World’s Tallest Tower

The world’s tallest tower to the height of one kilometer within the next five years will be made in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.
Dubai tower now world’s tallest tower in Dubai holds the record. The tower height is 828 meters, which opened in 2010.

But within five years that the tower be built to a height of km (kilometer) and so it will be 172 meters taller than Burj Dubai.

This tower is called the Kingdom Tower in the port city of Jeddah on the Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia will be made.

The new tower at a level equal to 530 thousand square meters, is the skyscraper, which will host a Four Seasons hotel, luxury apartments, offices and the panoramic landscape.

According Larpvblyka, the tower will have 59 lifts with a vertical velocity of 10 meters per second. Within one minute and forty seconds with the lift can be thousands of meters from ground level to the last point Pymvd tower. The tower was built with a cost of $ 1.2 billion.

Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill designed the tower, two architects from Chicago are responsible.

Source: Fropki


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