3 Major Ways the Law of Attraction Can Improve Your Life

law of attraction to attract specific person is it possible to attract a specific person into your life using the law of attraction?

The Law of Attraction (hereafter referred to as LoA for brevity) is one of the most popular topics in personal development, and there is no end in sight to the growing popularity of what its proponents call an unfailing Universal Law. If LoA exists, then like gravity, ignoring it would be foolish and counterproductive if leading an abundant, prosperous life is your goal.

While this article cannot fully explain LoA in this short space, it will provide you powerful reasons why you should investigate LoA further, and learn to put it into practice in your life. After three years of studying, applying, and teaching the LoA, I’ve concluded that LoA is an actual law that forms the basis of nearly every spiritual and scientific principle of our universe.

Here are three major shifts that you can experience which will greatly assist you in feeling empowered, creative, focused, accomplished, and provide an overall sense of wellbeing, prosperity, peace, and abundance.

First, a thorough understanding of the LoA gives you the imperative, the willingness, the motivation, and the understanding to put your own happiness first – to nurture it and make it real, palpable, and appreciated. We all want to be happy, to feel good. In fact, every one of the innumerable decisions we make throughout our lives is based on the belief that whatever we actually choose will make us feel better than the alternatives. Happiness is free, it costs nothing, and it feels great, reasons enough for anyone and everyone to make a conscious decision to be happy, regardless of circumstances, yet few of us do it; happiness itself remains elusive to billions of people.

The LoA reveals that the vibration or energy of happiness is a CAUSE, not an effect, and that expressing the energy of happiness is a prerequisite to prosperity and abundance, and not the other way around as most people assume.

You cannot wait until you are rich, thin, loved, and pampered to allow yourself to feel happiness. ‘Happiness energy’ or joyful expression is actually creative energy and its expression is the first step in the creative process (and therefore must come BEFORE you experience outward signs or manifestations of prosperity). Once you understand this, you have a fantastic reason to make happiness a personal priority. It’s not selfishness, it’s your gift to the world, because without happiness, you really have little of true value to offer anyone. LoA gives you the ‘excuse’ or imperative to put your happiness first and really cultivate it, and never again allow anyone to tempt you into feeling inappropriate for feeling wonderful. Happiness and prosperity are not things you need to apologize for.

The second major reason is that an understanding of LoA removes doubt and confusion about why things happen in your life, and therefore restores your belief in fairness and integrity in all things.

Most people raised in traditional religions have internal conflicts between their beliefs in a benevolent, all powerful, all knowing God, and the outward appearance of that same God letting horrible things happen to good people, with seemingly no justifiable explanation for the paradox. How do we explain a benevolent God allowing (or causing) natural disasters create, or allowing the horrors and atrocities that humans perpetrate on one another? LoA provides a well reasoned and solid explanation of why things manifest in both our personal experience, and collectively for mankind, without requiring the need for a Supreme Being to make an infinite number of daily decisions about what will and won’t happen to us.

Yet it does not negate the belief in a Supreme Being. Instead, it provides a neat, simple, logical, consistent ideology that allows for a supreme being to exist, but it removes the seemingly ‘arbitrary’ decisions about what that being will and won’t allow or cause to happen to use on a day to day basis.

The energy that we emanate powerfully draws everything that comes into our experience was drawn to us by us (though usually with conscious awareness of having done so).

Once we understand that ‘thoughts are things’ of great significance and power, and understand that LoA itself is the ‘manager’ of every particle of energy in the universe, bringing together (or keeping apart), people, events, and institutions based on the fundamental principle that ‘like energy attracts like energy’, then we can stop scratching our heads about why bad things happen to good people, and focus on managing our energy, vibration, or signal that we radiate. This is elegantly simple, practical, and once understood, works to our great advantage.

LoA creates a fair, rational, consistent basis for all events of your life, and removes the illusion of being able to blame anyone else for events that happen to us. The upside of not being able to lay blame at someone else’s feet is that we also get to assume FULL control over our lives, and have the means by which to express this control. The exploration and acceptance of LoA is proportional to the degree to which people are willing to shoulder responsibility for their lives and stop blaming others (or supreme beings).

The third major benefit of a solid understanding of LoA is it provides a better, gentler way to effect change in the world by expressing the energy of allowance, of love, and fanning those positive flames of creative energy to bring about change in the yourself, and in the world.

With a clear, guilt-free, shame-free conscience you can stop struggling or fighting against (resisting) any circumstance, situation, person, law, or event that is bothersome, thus reducing your stress and opening the floodgates of both mental and physical wellbeing.

Though it does not serve us, from a young age we are conditioned to fight against, push back, resist, or repel unwanted events, people, or things, and sometime we actually succeed in it, temporarily. But we pay a heavy personal price for doing so. LoA reveals that anything that you resist is actually leaving an energy imprint on you. When you resist, you are aligning your energy with that which you resist, becoming a vibrational match to it, and radiating similar energy, you unknowingly feed energy into the unwanted, making it more powerful. Struggle against anything is the emission of the vibration of ‘struggle’ and LoA demands (without judgment)that more struggle is what you will experience.

LoA teaches the cultivation of the energy of ‘allow’ – which is the energy of healing, peace, and love. Dropping resistance is incredibly liberating and energizing. Surrender opens the channel to wellbeing, allowing in healing energy that you had been keeping at bay, which can lead to remarkable changes and breakthroughs.

So these are three extremely powerful ways that a personal, full understanding of LoA can positively impact your life, and improve the world as a result. Though these ideas may at first glance fly in the face of some ideas you have cherished since you were old enough to recognize your reflection in a mirror, I hope that the potential benefits encourage you to investigate the Law of Attraction to help you become the fully conscious, magnificent, powerful creator that you came here to be.

Author: Ryan A. Harris


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